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Safe bath time

Using My birdy towel you have both hands free to hold and bundle your slippery newborn safely and comfortably.

Free access to the neck loop

The towel is designed with apron looking neck loop and simply with one hand movement you can put it on yourself and take it off.

Your baby’s skin is sensitive & soft

Our product will embrace your baby or your toddler in its exceptionally plush warmth for many years. We made it 100×120 cm long because that way it will keep up with your baby’s growth untill getting into a toddler phase. The double stitching makes it extra strong and durable.

Bedtime routine

After a soothing shower or a bath that should set our little ones to sleep, they turn so slippery, things get messy and tense very fast but having this item helped me and bedtime routine was much smoother and happier for both of us.

We made sure that this product will be the best purchase you can make and it certainly is when they are made with care, attention to detail and with this kind of quality. Towels are one of the essential necessities for every nursery. My birdy can be a wonderful gift idea. As a gender-neutral item, it can be the perfect present for a baby shower, a first birthday or the Christmas Holiday gift. Parents will appreciate it and you will be forever remembered as they smile and cuddle their children after their baths in this thoughtful gift. Tried and tested by midwives and mommies. We are happy to help you with this towel and make up an essential part of your baby’s bath time routine.
To prevent serious injury:
  • Always support your baby with both hands whilst using this towel.
  • Never leave your baby or toddler unsupervised during bath time.
  • Not intended for carrying the baby.
  • Pay special attention to warnings for safety, in order to prevent possible injury to your child.
  • Examine product frequently for damage or loose parts. Do not use if the product is damaged.
  • Bath time should always only take place when your child is fully awake and alert.

Instructions for wash and care:

Recommended wash on 60°. Gentle cycle for washing machine and drier. In case of mixing light and dark items change of colors may occur, the product may change original shade. Following the directions on the label will ensure your towels won’t get damaged.


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  1. Your website is clean with a feeling of a sanitized atmosphere. I like it. I’m looking forward to following your site.

  2. Dragana,

    This product sounds perfect for addressing the issue of safely handling a newborn post bathing. As a consumer, particularly if I was a consumer with an infant I would want to know more about it. The theme of your website is a great match for your subject matter and product offering.


    Joe Nortrup says:
    1. Thank you, Joe! We are still under construction, soon we will update more details about the product.
      All the best!

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